The Product

Re:stash is a cannabis container company committed to making eco-friendly, high-quality products for cannabis users. At The Station, we share in this sustainability mission and sell Re:stash 12 oz. jars for $25. These jars hold roughly 14 grams of cannabis. A 4 oz. version of the jar—which will be perfect for accommodating an eighth of cannabis—will be available soon, as well. For more information on Re:stash and their product line, visit their website here.

The Discount

Because we, too, believe in sustainability in the cannabis industry, The Station offers a 5% discount to any customer that brings their Re:stash container with them and uses it for their purchase. It's just one small way to show that we recognize when customers share in this effort—and appreciate it.

The Pledge

It takes about five standard plastic shopping bags to make one disposable dispensary jar. That's a significant amount of waste that goes into nearly every dispensary purchase not only here at The Station, but at dispensaries all over Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. The cannabis industry is new and while the environment has taken a back seat to a lot of decisions we have made to establish ourselves, the time to start considering our footprint is now. The Station is starting to make those considerations with companies like Re:stash and we hope that you, as customers, will help make them with us, as well.

Have more questions about our Re:stash products and discounts? Contact our team at The Station today. Our premier Boulder dispensary professionals are ready to answer your questions and help you make a cost-saving and eco-conscious cannabis purchase today.