Meet 2018’s Best Harvest Stash Jar November 16 2018, 0 Comments


Re:stash jars were already hot before Curidor got involved. (Courtesy Curidor)

By now the outdoor harvest season has peaked, and cultivators big and small must face their next logistical hurdle: where do I put all this cannabis?

“We came up with the design to elevate the way people categorize their collection.”
Parker Sullivan, founder, Curidor

Whether you’ve got a few extra grams or a few extra pounds, you want to make sure this year’s harvest lasts through the winter, and that it smokes like euphoric THC, not degraded, sleepy CBN. Just when you thought you’d run out of room for this fall, the custom storing jar company Mason-re and bud refrigerator company Curidor release a new collaboration, the Curidor Re:stash jar.

Curidor’s collaboration with Mason-re starts with the core features making Re:stash jars a must-have:

  • A 100% silicone and UV-protective koozie that slips over your standard Ball glass jars
  • A child-resistant lid made partially from repurposed hemp and farm waste.

The storage jar comes in three sizes: four ounce, eight ounce and 16 ounce, each $20 a pop. These are in fluid ounces, so only a single ounce of cannabis flowers fits in the largest jar. The smallest jar holds a quarter-ounce.

The Mason-re website currently only offers the eight ounce jar, but all three sizes can be purchased on Curidor’s site. Curidor also offers a six-pack special for $99 with two of each size jar, which holds up to 3.5 ounces of dried cannabis, or cannabutter, or jams.

Custom Labels—Finally!

What sets this one apart from the 2018 wave of Re:stash collaborations is an interactive design. On the back of the jar, opposite the large Curidor logo, is a Sharpie-friendly label to write in the “varietal”, the grower, harvest date, THC and CBD percentages, and even a couple lines for additional notes, like “fire!” or “boof!” The Sharpie comes off with rubbing alcohol or water.

Parker Sullivan, owner of Curidor, built a business on cannabis storage because “terpenes are volatile essential oils which incur significant losses at room temperature. Our mission is to provide a solution to this perishability of cannabis, educating both producers and consumers … eliminating this risk factor is a no-brainer.”


According to the Curidor website, the kiddie-proof lid also provides an “air and moisture-tight seal.” As we have mentioned before, air and moisture exposure hurt the good stuff in cannabis—the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Too much heat and humidity can also lead to mold, mildew and brittle trichomes. The silicone koozie not only helps regulate temperature, but prevents accidental glass jar breakage. No one wants glass in their grass.

Mason-re’s Chief Operating Officer Adrian Kimberly said the collaboration process was a breeze. “They saw what we were doing and saw it complements their products.”

Curidor’s customer base skew toward cannabis industry professionals, but new cannabis lovers also like trendy gear, Sullivan said.

The holidays and harvest season seemed like the perfect climate, so “we came up with the design to elevate the way people categorize their collection. The reality is that a new wave of home growers and connoisseurs are going to be harvesting and storing many different varieties of cannabis from different harvests as well as cultivation methodologies.”

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Get your Curidor Re:stash jar here!