Re:stash Sponsors Herbman Hustlin TV August 26 2021, 0 Comments

Welcome to Herbman Hustlin TV ūüďļ

Check out @herbmanhustlinuk's first full episode of his animated 420 Web Series sharing funny weed stories and sticky situations that he has experienced as well as interviews and stories full of entertainment and education from the canna community in the UK and Worldwide! 

A big thank you to the animators @weediobros @adamleeani for bringing @herbmanhustlin vision to life.

Re:stash is proud to be the first episode's sponsor. For the finest in smell-proof herb storage, check out the custom Herbman and Herbgal Jars available here. 

About Herbman Hustlin

The man known as ‚ÄėHerbman Hustlin‚Äô is based in London, UK and is passionate about everything cannabis. He has been a part of the UK cannabis community since 2017. After meeting likeminded ‚ÄėHerbman‚Äô and ‚ÄėHerbgal‚Äô Hustlers, he was inspired by the diversity of people that he met that used herb to facilitate their hustle.

He came to the realization that ‚ÄėHerbman Hustlin‚Äô was more than just his alias, and¬†he focused on creating a brand that many in the cannabis space could identify with.¬†

Herbman Hustlin is a lifestyle that celebrates and champions the diversity and hustle of people in the cannabis space. It is a representation of anyone that uses herb to support their hustle; from growers, vendors, artists, musicians and edible makers, to consumers that medicate at the end of a hard day at work and for whom cannabis is an essential part of their lives.  

Check out and subscribe to the YOUTUBE channel Herbman Hustlin TV.