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Northwest Leaf
The Sustainability Issue
March 2019


Between the carbon footprint we are watching indoor Cannabis gardens make and the immense amount of plastic packaging used to stash and resell our prized plant, we pose the question: How can a consumer make an enlightened choice that mindfully impacts our ecosystem?

Re:stash offers a unique packaging solution that mindfully enhances one of humanities favorite, trusted and widely used storage solutions – the classic glass Mason jar. 

Mason jars are American made glass storage solutions utilized for many different purposes, but especially for preserving tonics and herbs.

Using sustainable material, the Re:stash Mason:re company created and patented a certified child resistant lid, combined with a silicone koozie to control the content's environment and protect the glass from breaking if dropped. The jar is securely sealed with a 'first-of-its-kind', child-resistant lid made from repurposed farm waste that would have otherwise been tilled and burnt into our atmosphere.

These fibers are then reinforced by hemp or bamboo for strength, durability and longevity.

The jar is covered with a stylish, custom designed silicone koozie that stabilizes the environment of the contents inside. 

Silicone is made from silica found in sand, it's highly durable, bio-available and more ocean friendly than plastic. When used with our most recent batch of sticky icky - terpene tasty Mimosa by Gold Leaf Gardens -we found that this product does indeed insulate buds from UV light and temperature fluctuation. When opening the jar after storage, you are met with a dank and impactful aroma that has the mark of freshness in its crisp bite.

The buds were sticky and dense, which is a far cry from the dry, flaky and lackluster buds we have encountered after popping open a pop top plastic container.

This innovative group of entrepreneurs has gone through compliance approval in states that allow deli style dispensing, becoming the first authorized "Cannabis growler." Cannabis retailers in states like Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska have implemented these Re:Stash jars, but for states that are restricted to pre-packaged Cannabis, you can still find this premium packaging solution. In Washington, Exotikz premium ounces can be found in a custom 16 ounce Re:Stash jar.

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