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The world's first mason jar based child resistant container

We believe the key to sustainability is versatility, so we wanted to make one of the most widely used products, the mason jar, even more useful. With the Re:stash jar, the Mason-re team further transforms the mason jar into the perfect stash jar. The Re:stash jar includes a mason jar, a silicone koozie and a patent-pending child proof lid. Our jar has no plastic and the lid is made with 30% farm waste.
Re:stash Jar
No Plastic

Design is in the details

At Re:stash we use materials that are as premium as today's cannabis strains.

We started with the easy to find, made in America, glass mason jar. Unlike plastic containers, there is no worry about the material touching your bud. Just plain old glass that wont leach anything, EVER. The glass is then sleeved in an FDA approved Silicone koozie. We take this extra step because it is critical to keep light off of and insulate your stash from temperature shifts. Doing so helps prevent the degradation of the terpines and terpenoids in your favorite strain. Silicone is the best material for the job because it is made from plentiful and easily sourced elements. It can withstand temperatures from below-zero to over 400ºF, is non-toxic, and contains no worrisome chemicals.

Finally, we use a cutting edge bio-fiber reinforced polypropylene for our child-resistant lids. Our flax-filled polypropylene takes a true bio waste product and uses it to replace traditional materials that take energy to mine and produce. By using a flax fiber filled FDA approved polypropylene for our child-resistant lid, we reduce our carbon footprint and give you a stash jar that you know will Re:sist hands that are too young.

Custom Koozies

Want to see your company's logo pad printed on koozies? Contact eric@mason-re.com to request information!


Custom Printed Koozie

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About Us

Our PhilosophySustainability means using less

At Mason-re, we believe that true sustainability comes from using less items for more things. Regardless of how much recycled or post-consumer content a product has, it still takes ENERGY and resources to create it.

This is why we focus on the mason jar - one of the most versatile and reusable products out there. From canning to home décor to drinkware to storing herbs, the mason jar has hundreds of uses.


Re:stash Jars: The World’s First Sustainable, Childproof Container

RE:STASH has married readily available Ball Mason Jars with childproof lids made from 30 percent recycled farm waste, creating a sustainable solution to the OLCC-enforced poly bags. 

Mason-re Sustainable Stash Jars Official Review

Mason-re took one of our favorite products, the mason jar, and covered nearly all the necessities that one would need for storing cannabis properly. 

Stylish “Re:stash” Stash Jar Product Preview

Mason jars are very popular and have dozens of known uses. Re:stash jars by Mason-re just found another. These jars can protect your stash from spilling and from contaminants.

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