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New Runtz Re:stash Collab Jar November 08 2018

We're excited to announce our new Runtz x Re:stash collab jar! Runtz flower is a hybrid strain (Gelato x Zkittlez crossbreed) available at Berner's brand new Cookies store in Melrose, CA. 

Check out this video of the Grand Opening:

Option to add on a Re:vider and Boveda pack at a discount when you purchase a Runtz Jar.

This is a very limited run, so get yours while you can! 

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Re:stash x The Plug Collab Jar August 28 2018

Our new 'The Plug' Re:stash jar just dropped! 

The Plug is one of the top cannabis clubs in Barcelona. It stocks a wide range of unique and high-grade strains that can't be found anywhere else in the city. They recently won a Spannabis Champions Cup award for their homegrown Sativa, amidst a slew of competition in the city. The Plug also carries strains from DNA Genetics, Karma Genetics and Team 10 Extracts, along with some limited batches from local top growers. The menu changes frequently, so guests can try something new on each visit. The Plug also sells a variety of unique merchandise, including clothing and cannabis accessories, including stash jars. Check out their online store here.

The club is located in the residential El Poble Sec area of west Barcelona. It's very popular with the locals due to its location along with the high quality of their strains. It can be difficult to get membership there, but knowing someone who is a member makes it easier. The club is spread over a few floors and is very similar to the clubs in Amsterdam.

Check out their Instagram handles: @theplugbcn, @iamtheplugworldwide, @theplugcoffeeshop@theplugseedbank


This is a very limited run, so get yours while you can! 

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New Garrison Lane Collab August 13 2018

Our Garrison Lane collab just dropped. It's available in the 8oz size here!

This limited edition design features the original Garrison Lane #WhoIsBillyKimber graphic. Garrison Lane, based out of Downtown LA, is a highly acclaimed lifestyle brand inspired by the 20th Century UK crime boss, William 'Billy' Kimber.  For several years Kimber was probably the biggest organized crime boss in the UK. He earned his vicious reputation operating racetracks throughout Northern England. 

Garrison Lane creates one-of-a-kind boutique strains that are notoriously potent, aromatic, and flavorful. They're dedicated to using only the best natural materials and pesticide-free facilities. Their premier strain, the Billy Kimber OG, has received growing acclaim from fans, including Juicy J, Lil Wayne, and many others. Its known for its high potency, piney aroma, and heavy body buzz; sought after for its ease of anxiety, pain relief, and mental invigoration. It's currently available throughout Southern California- to find a store near you, visit:

Check out their Instagram: @GarrisonLaneCo



This is a very limited run, so get yours while you can!

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Protect Your Buds With These 7 Waterproof Stash Bags July 06 2018

June 26, 2018
(Chad Schaefer for Leafly)

Summertime is heating up and sandy shores are booming with outdoor tokers and sun worshippers. Are you gearing up for a lakeside BBQ or planning a trip to the tropics? Then you’ll want a stash bag that will protect your favorite cannabis products and keep your buds from a waterlog disaster.

Carry all your stoney essentials the next time you head to the beach and keep those buds safe and dry.

Dry Anti-Theft Stash Bag by PacSafe

(Chad Schaefer for Leafly)

Go ahead and pack your favorite bong in PacSafe’s water-resistent Dry Anti-Theft Stash Bag. It’s large enough to carry all your gear while keeping the items inside safe and dry, making it the perfect travel companion in any situation.

Price: $59.95

Aqua Storage Bag by Stasher


A nod to the classic plastic baggie, the Aqua Storage Bag by Stasher isn’t exactly a stash bag in the traditional sense—but it will keep your gear bone-dry. Bonus: it’s environmentally friendly since you only need one, saving you the use of hundreds of individual Ziploc bags.

Price: $11.99

Poppins Bag by Van der Pop


Jet-setting to Bora Bora? Don’t forget to nab the Poppins by Van der Pop. Whether or not you’re planning a lavish vacation, this water-resistant bag with a waterproof zipper is dripping in style. Made in Italy with genuine leather, keep your vape pens and grams concealed and dry.

Price: $370

The Chrontainer


Grab a weedy pool float and take your stash to the river. Don’t worry, the eponymous Chrontainer will keep your supply dry even if it’s dropped in the water. These little stash bags are also smell-proof, which means you can be discreet wherever you go.

Price: $5.99

Downstream by Chums

(Chad Schaefer for Leafly)

Fold, roll, zip, and clasp, the Downstream bag by Chums is a must when heading to the great outdoors. It can even withstand a “quick dunking” in just-in-case scenarios with a water-resistant front pocket and welded seams.

Price: $44.99

Travel Pro by Skunk


Cut out odors and imminent weather with the Travel Pro case by Skunk. Pack up your nugs, small bong, a few vapes, and some edibles for a day of hiking along a creek or getting caught in a rain-soaked walk—everything will remain dry and protected.

Price: $45

Re:stash Jars by Re:stash


Child-resistant and waterproof, the Re:stash Jar by Re:stash covers all the bases. The silicone koozie wrapped around each 8oz jar acts as a sun barrier, so your go-to strain won’t experience dryness or water damage. Take this “stash bag” to the beach and spark one up as you de-stress in the waves.

Price: $18

New Push Trees Collab March 20 2018

Our Push Trees collab just dropped! Available in 8oz and 4oz sizes. 

Push Trees, created by Stoner Dottie and Dope as Yola, was started from an Instagram post. While Stoner Dottie and Dope as Yola were in their front yard smoking a joint, they thought it would be funny to take a picture pushing their tree. For those of you that don't know, push means to sell, and trees is a slang term for cannabis. So to Push Trees is just a funny way to say "sell weed." Stoner Dottie and Dope as Yola are known in the marijuana community for making videos and taking pictures involving marijuana. So after posting the image on their Instagram pages, they received hundreds of comments saying "make this a shirt" "please turn this into a logo" etc. And they did. Read the full story here.

Check out their YouTube Channels:
Dope as Yola
Stoner Dottie

In Dope as Yola's words, "@unknownprophet @barbequebiz and I once dropped and broke a mason jar of weed while checking into a hotel.... if we had [Re:Stash jars] that wouldn’t of happened 😂😂😂😂😂 These things are seriously dope, keep your weed fresh and avoid terrible situations like that." 


This is a very limited run, so get yours while you can!

Any stores interested in wholesale, contact 


Feb 9, 2018 | 

Words by Delaney Rea | Photo by Trevor Meyer

Finding your ideal strain of marijuana is essential to the experience. Each variety has its own set of nuances and user effects, so researching what works for you is worth the effort. However, if you’re still storing your bud of choice in the same old Ziploc plastic baggies, you’re doing it mighty wrong. Plastic bags can damage the quality of the flower, leaving you with a much less potent supply than you originally started with. With the cannabis industry on the rise, the need for smarter storing methods has risen too.

Mason jars are one solution to the plastic bag problem. You probably know these ubiquitous containers for their wide range of uses: drinkware, canning, decor, food storage, etc. These versatile, nearly air-tight sealed glass jars are practically tailor-made for keeping cannabis in pristine condition. Glass contains the terpenes of the bud far more effectively, while also preventing the chemical transference into the bud itself that comes from plastic containers. The quality of your flower will be better maintained in a glass jar.

The team at Re:stash recognizes the power of the mason jar. Started by University of Oregon graduates Eric Harvey, Nicole Harvey and Adrian Kimberley, Re:stash’s parent company Mason-re began as a to-go coffee cup manufacturer that used the jars as a selling point. Originally, the venture was funded by Kickstarter. Their initial goal was to raise $8,000, which they significantly overshot—to the tune of $17,000.

Unlike many student-created Kickstarter projects, this launching point allowed the business to take off. Berner, a San Francisco-based rapper and entrepreneur, saw promise in the new company and became their first investor. As one of the parties responsible for introducing the popular Girl Scout Cookies strain to the dispensary market, Berner had connections in the cannabis industry that helped the Harveys and Kimberley further cement their place as a premiere bud storage manufacturer.

Now, the company integrates the mason jar into their line of cannabis storage products. According to Kimberley, who serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Mason-re, the idea for the Re:stash product line came when they noticed how popular mason jars had become for storing cannabis. The Re:stash line now ranks among their most popular products. “People like the fact that someone is finally doing it right,” Kimberley said.

The use of “re” in the Mason-re and Re:stash brand stands for reducing, reusing and recycling. Based in Bend, the company’s philosophy is to promote sustainability. Their mason jars are meant to be reused beyond their initial purpose. Re:stash jars are more sustainable than the environmentally damaging, single-use plastic tubs that most dispensaries use to sell their product. Additionally, every Re:stash lid uses their own patented design. The flax-filled polypropylene lids are made with biological waste product to replace traditional materials that would take energy to mine and produce, thus reducing their carbon footprint. This reduction of plastic waste is a major part of what drives the Re:stash business model. Additionally, the lids are designed to be child-proof, so you won’t have to worry about any young ones getting their hands on your supply.

Re:stash jars improve marijuana storage in a variety of ways. With size options ranging from 4 to 16 ounce jars (which can hold an entire ounce of cannabis), Re:stash has the right jar for any user. The first thing you’ll notice about the jars is the 100% premium silicone koozie that wraps around the outside of the glass. Opaquely colored, the koozies prevent damage from excessive light exposure. With an array of colors and designs, there’s a koozie to match anyone’s preferred aesthetic. These koozies stop the temperature inside the jar from fluctuating. Since bud is best stored in a cool, dry place, the Re:stash koozie will help preserve the flower quality no matter where it’s stored. If you have a tendency for clumsiness, the Re:stash koozie also prevents breaks from dropping. Additionally, the koozie helps to prevent the growth of mildew and mold on your product.

Re:stash isn’t the only company to make use of glass packaging. At Frequent Vibrationz, hand-picked buds stay sealed in glass containers to keep them fresh. Like Re:stash, Frequent Vibrationz strives to maintain a commitment to environmental sustainability. Their glass jars can be returned in-store after every 10 flower purchases for a 10% discount. Fewer plastic containers from dispensaries ending up in landfills will help you reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying your favorite strain.

Re:stash products can be found at, with additional mason jar products by Mason-re at Frequent Vibrationz (541-505-9671) is located at 1409 Oak St. in Eugene. They’re open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Stash and Dash Contest February 05 2018

Whose ready to hunt for gold!?

This is your chance to get your shine on! You have to hurry up because the Stash and Dashes have just begun! Our partners, Shine Papers, are famous for putting gold on everything! So much so, they invented the worlds first ever 24 Karat gold rolling paper wraps!

They're blessing us with 24 duffle bags full of some serious gold!  The perfect duffle bag to celebrate your highs with!  They are stashing $24,000 worth of gold in 24 cities. Instructions will drop on SHINE DAY (February 4th!) to help you find the stash in your city.  
Each duffle bag will have a custom Shine Re:Stash jar with gold ink! In case they did not make it to your city, get your Shine on with a custom gold printed stash jar here! 

Scroll to the bottom of this page to receive instructions for part 1 of #shineday! 

2018 DROPS


Participating Retailers

  • A Plus Smoke Shop II – Miami FL
  • Smoke Tokes – Los Angeles, CA
  • Herben Legend – Boston, MA
  • Best Kept Secret – Bayside, NY
  • A Plus Smoke Shop – Homestead, FL
  • Puff King Smoke Shop – Hurst, TX
  • Borosyndicate  - Murray, Utah
  • Borosyndicate – Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Spark Smoke Shop – Tracy, CA
  • Vapor Trail Smoke Shop – Chandler, AZ
  • D&J Tobacco and Cell – Milwaukee, WI
  • Dewey Ave Smoke Shop – Rochester, NY
  • The Smoke Shop – Sacramento, CA
  • Corner News – Keene, NH
  • This That & The Other – Smyrna, GA
  • This That & The Other – Woodstock, GA
  • This That & The Other – Calhoun, GA
  • Fusion INC. – Fort worth, TX
  • 201 Smoke Shop – Englewood, NJ
  • LB Smokeshop – Miami, FL
  • Wild zone novelty – Sacramento, CA
  • El dorado – Corona, NY
  • Zonen Ltd - East Syracuse, NY
  • Smokes Up -  Miami, FL
  • High Life Smoke Shop – Miami Gardens, FL
  • High Life Smoke Shop – South West Ranches, FL
  • Elev8ed  - West Palm Beach, FL
  • 419 Smoke Shop - Kissimmee, FL


Instructions - Click Here!  

5 Best Cannabis Storage Containers, Stash Boxes & Jars November 29 2017

5 Best Cannabis Storage Containers, Stash Boxes & Jars

Re:stash Jars: The World’s First Sustainable, Childproof Container June 19 2017

Dope Magazine, June 16, 2017

By: Matthew Criscione | Photographs: Jason Horvath

The recreational cannabis world has seen its fair share of silly rules. One that seems to be a never-ending source of frustration for the industry is the amazingly un-awesome “exit bag,” a non-recyclable, zippered plastic baggy for cannabis purchases. The OLCC enacted rules requiring that all cannabis leaving a store must be placed in these cumbersome bags, leaving seniors and sight-impaired folks struggling to easily access their medicine when they get home. RE:STASH has come up with an ingenious solution: a sustainable, Consumer Product Safety Commission-compliant exit strategy.

RE:STASH has married readily available Ball Mason Jars with childproof lids made from 30 percent recycled farm waste, creating a sustainable solution to the OLCC-enforced poly bags. The silicone bumper protects the delicate flowers inside your jar from UV and temperature swings.


  • OLCC “exit bag”-compliant
  • Easy-open lid
  • Zero plastic
  • Smell proof
  • Custom laser-etched or printed store logos available
  • Lids made in Portland, Oregon
  • Easy to replace if the jar breaks; fits standard mason jars

PRICE: 4oz: $16 | 8oz: $18 | 20oz: $20


Instagram: @re_stash

Facebook: ReStashJar

Mason-re Sustainable Stash Jars Official Review June 13 2017

By: Hotbox Magazine

Storing your cannabis is serious business. Most of us remember growing up and keeping ours in a little plastic sandwich bag. In the past several years, we have seen many products innovate the storage product space including Cannador and Pharm Jar. Many of our readers might ask, “Why should we dish out big money for storage products when a sandwich bag costs pennies and can be disposed of easily?” Mason-re is a company that not only aims to innovate storage but also has created an option which is both sustainable and affordable! How are they able to pull this off, you ask? Spark your nearest joint or bowl and let us tell you all about it!

Why Care About the Way you Store your Cannabis?

Without getting too technical, we should understand why our old-school way of storing cannabis is maybe not the best way even though it seems economical. First, once cannabis is pulled from the plant and dried, it is essentially in a forever curing process. Curing cannabis is probably (arguably) the most important step in producing high quality, great looking buds. Curing usually consists of keeping your bud in a controlled environment, like a humidor or glass jar which allows for proper drying and long-term freshness. A plastic bag will not allow for a controlled environment. Toxic molds can start forming and your buds can dry uneven causing harsh smoke and a bad taste. Then you have sunlight. While cannabis plants need sunlight to grow, the UV rays from the sun can cause the TH ( the main active ingredient in your bud) on the cannabis to degrade and lose potency. Lastly, there is the safety aspect. In many medically and recreationally legal states, there are strict laws on how you store your medicine. You must keep your stash in child-proof containers or you can risk getting in a lot of trouble. This should be on your mind if you have children, with or without the legal penalty.

We mentioned being economical earlier and how plastic bags are cheap. While this is true in a monetary sense, it takes an expensive toll on our environment and the animals that live in it. If you buy the right storage products, not only can you help save the environment but in the long run, the amount of use you get out of the product will more than pay for itself.

How Does Mason-re Solve This Problem?

Mason-re didn’t re-invent the wheel, they perfected it with the Re:stash Jar. They took one of our favorite products, the mason jar, and covered nearly all the necessities that one would need for storing cannabis properly. In the past, a mason jar was the storage option of choice but it wasn’t always ideal. Waking up to a jar on the kitchen table after being exposed to the sun for hours was cringeworthy. Mason-re fixed this issue by creating a mason jar “koozie” made of silicone which not only keeps light out but can keep your jar from breaking if dropped. The koozie comes in 7 great colors and you can even customize the cover with your logo, name or anything you want. Where they really took it to the next level is with the eco-fiber child resistant lid. The lid is made from re-purposed farm waste and hemp fibers and works similarly to a prescription bottle cap to keep children from opening. Oh yeah, they are American Made as well.

So we mentioned this was affordable and that all of you would be able to go get one right away. The Re:stash Jars from Mason-re at the most will run you $20.00 for their largest container which is 120z. The smallest container, the 4oz, is available for just $16.00. That is a great price for something that not only should last you a lifetime but is safe for the environment and a safe way to keep your medicine out of reach of children. Have your own jars? You can also buy the koozie covers for as low as $7.00!

If you’re ready to take the leap into premium storage for your cannabis just head over to the Mason-re website ( and grab a few. To make this decision even easier, use our coupon code at checkout and receive 15% off your purchase! No excuses now, haha!