Re:stash Jars: The World’s First Sustainable, Childproof Container June 19 2017, 0 Comments

Dope Magazine, June 16, 2017

By: Matthew Criscione | Photographs: Jason Horvath

The recreational cannabis world has seen its fair share of silly rules. One that seems to be a never-ending source of frustration for the industry is the amazingly un-awesome “exit bag,” a non-recyclable, zippered plastic baggy for cannabis purchases. The OLCC enacted rules requiring that all cannabis leaving a store must be placed in these cumbersome bags, leaving seniors and sight-impaired folks struggling to easily access their medicine when they get home. RE:STASH has come up with an ingenious solution: a sustainable, Consumer Product Safety Commission-compliant exit strategy.

RE:STASH has married readily available Ball Mason Jars with childproof lids made from 30 percent recycled farm waste, creating a sustainable solution to the OLCC-enforced poly bags. The silicone bumper protects the delicate flowers inside your jar from UV and temperature swings.


  • OLCC “exit bag”-compliant
  • Easy-open lid
  • Zero plastic
  • Smell proof
  • Custom laser-etched or printed store logos available
  • Lids made in Portland, Oregon
  • Easy to replace if the jar breaks; fits standard mason jars

PRICE: 4oz: $16 | 8oz: $18 | 20oz: $20


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