Re-stash creates first reusable glass child-resistant container for marijuana March 23 2016, 0 Comments

As stoners we are always interested in discovering new innovations or accessories to add to our weed gadget collection. For some of us we would love to have an option to keep our nosey neighbors or pesky kids out of our stash. Say no more. Now you can keep your buds fresh and keep conceal your cannabis with class with the Re-Stash jar!

Re:stash, a company based out of Oregon, took their philosophy of sustainability and developed an excellent way to “stash” your cannabis with no questions asked. The Re-Stash jar is the first reusable child-resistant container in the world, guaranteeing your cannabis always stays fresh and secure. The childproof lockable lid is made of 30% renewable flax fibers and 70% FDA approved polypropylene, making it dispensary compliant.

Re-Stash even enhanced the idea of the basic Mason jar by attaching a removable customizable silicone protective sleeve in addition to the child proof cap. The sleeve on the Re-Stash jar is virtually shatter proof and helps block out the UV sunlight, ensuring your buds stay potent.

For anyone who is semi eco-conscious and just so happens to love marijuana, this product will fly off the shelves once it’s available in Oregon dispensaries. The ReStash jar is perfect for cannabis storage in any setting, especially on the go or traveling. With the option of customizing a jar to fit your style preference and the ability to use it for other storage options, how can you go wrong?

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