Washington State Compliance

Exit Packaging

All cannabis products must be stored behind a counter.

Packaging must protect the herb from contamination and not give off toxic chemicals.

Edibles with more than one serving must be packaged individually and placed in an outer child proof package.

That's where we come in!

Processor Packaging

The processors in WA must package the cannabis rather than the stores, but the processor can package herb in a Re:stash before selling to the store.

Cannabis-infused products and concentrates must be packaged in thick material that is child proof as well as tamperproof.

No excuse for single use, re:up with Re:stash!


Specific warnings must be either attached to the package or given separately.

Labels also must include this info: The business name, ID number, net weight, pesticides and solvents used, concentration of THC and CBD and the harvest date.

Labels on edibles must also include: Date manufactured, best by date, serving size, ingredients

Read more about the specific label requirements here

Child-Resistant Packaging

Cannabis must be sold in child-proof packages.

The nitty gritty:
See our CPSC Certification

General requirements
for approved marijuana packaging

Cannot be attractive to minors. Cannot have any false or misleading statements. Must protect the marijuana item. Must be an opaque container. Containers and packaging that hold marijuana items must protect them from contamination and must not expose the marijuana item to any toxic or harmful substance.

Success Stories

Exotikz prepackages their OZ jars and sells them at Have a Heart locations,
such as their flagship store in Belltown