Oregon State Compliance

Re:stash jars are approved by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission as a continually, child-resistant container.

Exit Packaging

The OLCC sanctioned Re:stash as sidewalk safe

Since Re:stash jars are opaque, child resistant and on the OLCC approved list, they can serve as an exit package for:
flower, edibles, concentrates, extracts, seeds and topicals

Don't just take our word, check the approved list on the
oregon.gov website.

Reusable Packaging

Re:stash is the dispensary growler

Only packaging that is re-sealable and child-resistant every time may be reused.

No excuse for single use, re:up with Re:stash!


These 3 Re:stash designs are approved

The OLCC must approve all logos, but we’re happy to seek that approval while you relax.

We can print or etch the logo on our jars.

Or, stick on your own label that can easily be peeled off.

Child-Resistant Packaging

Safety first!

Cannabis must be sold in child-proof packages.

The nitty gritty:
See our CPSC Certification

General requirements
for approved marijuana packaging

Cannot be attractive to minors. Cannot have any false or misleading statements. Must protect the marijuana item. Must be an opaque container. Containers and packaging that hold marijuana items must protect them from contamination and must not expose the marijuana item to any toxic or harmful substance.

Success Stories

GoGreenHop and Oregrown encourage their customers to do their part in helping the environment by offering 10% off when a customer re:ups with their Re:stash